Monthly Archives: February 2014

Letizia Battaglia: Breaking The Code of Silence

My Intro To Museums and Galleries module took me down to The Open Eye Gallery for the first time the other day. The reason behind the trip was so that we could be shown a gallery specifically set up for photography but the exhibition which was on really struck a chord and I thought it […]

Like Crazy

I finally got around to watching Like Crazy a short while ago after originally regretting missing the screenings of it in my then local Contemporary Art Centre’s little cinema. Most films that are graced with a couple of Sundance Film Festival awards, which this got for a best picture as well as a best actress […]

The Tipping Point

This week my class took a trip to Manchester where we had a whistle-stop tour around various galleries in the city courtesy of my Introduction to Museums and Galleries tutor. One of the exhibitions we visited was ‘Tipping Point’ which is currently showing at The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art until the 16th March this […]